We hope this site is a useful resource for clients and prospective clients to learn more about our investment approach. We are foremost interested in superior investment performance, but we also are passionate about educating our clients about the merits of adopting a value investing strategy.

In addition to superior performance and education, we value transparency. We frequently discuss our ideas and thoughts on investment concepts and portfolio holdings. Clients and prospective clients can also read more about our ideas by viewing the commentary page, reading our investment strategy page, and visiting John Huber’s blog, Base Hit Investing.

At Saber Capital Management, we are patient, disciplined, long term value investors. We are a fee only advisor using separately managed accounts. We have a simple investment objective: invest in high-quality businesses at attractive prices.

We adhere to the following investment principals:

  • Simple, predictable businesses
  • Consistent profitability (high returns on capital and free cash flow)
  • Favorable long term prospects and reinvestment opportunities (compounding ability)
  • Shareholder friendly management
  • Significant value (cheap price)

Please contact us with questions regarding our investment approach or our portfolio management services.

John Huber

Managing Member

Saber Capital Management, LLC