If you would like to discuss more details on Saber’s investment approach, please contact me at john@sabercapitalmgt.com. You can also request client letters, which go into more details on investment decisions and portfolio strategy. I am always available to set up a phone call to discuss my investment approach or answer any questions that prospective clients might have regarding the account management process.

For more details on how I think about investing, please visit my blog at BaseHitInvesting.com. I share my thoughts on value investing concepts, research, and specific investment ideas. One of the main goals of BHI is to help and educate individual investors, while also providing a transparent view of my investment approach for clients. Saber Capital Management clients are encouraged to read the blog.

Here are a few articles I’ve written that discuss some of the topics outlined above, including my investment strategy as well as specific investment ideas:

Investment Philosophy

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Stock Ideas/Company Research

Return on Capital Series

Case Studies

Buffett and Munger Posts (and a few of their followers)

Sports References (just for fun)