Welcome to Saber Capital Management

We hope this site is a useful resource for clients and prospective clients to learn more about our investment approach. We are foremost interested in superior investment performance, but we also are passionate about educating our clients about the merits of adopting a value investing strategy.

In addition to superior performance and education, we value transparency. We frequently discuss our ideas and thoughts on investment concepts and portfolio holdings. Clients and prospective clients can also read more about our ideas by viewing our client letters, reading our investment approach page, and visiting John Huber’s blog, Base Hit Investing.

At Saber Capital Management, we are patient, disciplined, long term value investors. We are a fee only advisor using separately managed accounts. We have a simple investment objective: Buy above average businesses at below average prices. Our investment style has been influenced most by Ben GrahamWarren BuffettWalter Schloss, and Joel Greenblatt.

We adhere to the following basic principles:
    • Treat Stocks as Businesses, Not Pieces of Paper
    • Use Market Fluctuations to Our Advantage
    • Margin of Safety
    • Buy Value (“Cheap & Good” Stocks)
    • Disciplined, Long Term Approach
    • Invest in What We Understand

Please contact us with questions regarding our investment approach or our portfolio management services.

John Huber
Portfolio Manager
Saber Capital Management, LLC